Raze the Dead

Today I took a little time to review my prior posts and determined, despite my fondness for masochists, that no one deserves to suffer so much.  While those posts arise from fairly wholesome motives, they are existentially, rhetorically, and professionally equivalent to 1% milk.  And anyone who likes 1% milk is no friend of mine.  Go skim, go whole, or go home.

Were I feeling more apologetic I’d probably try to justify why those posts were such bland pap; let’s just write the lot off as a slow death by half-measures.  I can do better, and I will.

I’ll start by exhuming old bones; I’ve lately begun to believe I misunderstood their place in the Wandlessian fossil record.  It’s never too late to set things straight if you’ve got a good shovel and some time on your hands.

That should suffice as a preamble.  Okey-dokey?  Here we go.

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